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John Moon


Saba Yazdani

“I've been Helia's client for several years and used her advisory services many times. Helia's knowledge and experience along with her passion to educate individuals about their financial decisions make her a unique coach. She is honest and trustworthy. She offers tailored advice that will bring you the best possible results. ”


Anakita Khanna

"Working with Helia was a learning experience. She is a professional with appreciable mentoring skills. She is understanding and flexible and doesn’t hesitate to explain in detail."



"Helia has the right knowledge and experience as a money coach. She offers custom solution to suit your requirements. If you are lost and not sure what's going on with financial situation, she is the go to person. Helia has high professional and social values, always ready to help people. Most of all she delivers results."


Lisa Holland

"Thank you Helia for your financial coaching advice. Your ability to think outside of the box based on your diverse background and experience enabled us to consider new options which we believe will ultimately be of great benefit to us now and into the future. We will absolutely be recommending you to family, friends and colleagues."


Mehdi Qashqai

"We are very pleased to have Helia as our financial advisor. She always gave us the best professional advice based on our financial situation and goals. She is highly professional, supportive, and knowledgeable financial advisor/wealth coach. She was always quick in replying to emails and questions or phone calls. We highly recommend Helia to anyone who is looking for a professional and exceptional financial service/advice. Thank you Helia for all your help and advice."


Irin Wallis

"Helia was amazing! Her assistance, knowledge and professionalism were greatly appreciated. Would definitely recommend her of you are needing any help with your finances."


Toktam Dashti

"Helia has been our Financial Adviser since 2014. We have always received the best advice and top-class service from Helia since then. She knows how to tailor the advice based on your financial goals and market situations. Helia helped us purchase our first house through providing great advice and securing the best home loan package. Thanks to her assistance, we managed to increase our investment portfolio and progress towards our financial goals. Helia is extremely responsible, knowledgeable and helpful, and surely recommended."


Yasaman Sartipi

"We are very pleased to have Helia as our financial advisor. Her knowledge and experience with her passion to educate individuals make her unique coach. She always answers our questions patiently, she is a great listener. we truly felt heard and value as customer. Her advice will bring you the best possible result."


Milad Talebian

"Helia has done a great job for our home loan arrangement, this was our second time working with her and surely did not disappoint us. She provided a comprehensive report with very good rates while took us through all options and discussed pros and cons. We also required a very quick loan approval turnaround time which she managed to get it done. Highly recommend her and her financial services."


Hamid G

"I know Helia for two years from Instagram, recently I had a coaching session with her and it was awesome. She is really knowledgeable and answered all my questions patiently, this session helped me a lot. Also, she has some online courses that is really helpful and full of essentials points. Thanks, Helia"


Nasrin Sadeghpour

"Helia is really supportive and informative. She made my process so smooth. With her knowledge and experience I didn’t feel any stress through my journey. Thank you so much Helia for support."


Chewe Nkole

"She knows her stuff. Helped me get the finance I needed."


Elle Estah

"Helia provides an extremely informative and thorough service. I truly felt heard and valued as a customer, and was guided through all the details meticulously. Having no prior knowledge in the finance, wealth or property industry having Helia there to explain things to me in a simple way without the Jargon made it easy for me to understand the process and build my confidence in this area. Thank you for all your help, Helia!"


Amir Akrami

"We received the best professional advice from Helia according to our needs and expectations. Helia is a great listener who would like to fully understand the situation prior to providing any advice. Her knowledge and network are also exceptional, and made a perfect combination with her pleasant attitudes as a wealth coach. Definitely recommended."


Dimitry Yavi

"Highly professional service from motivating and knowledgeable coach. Certainly, can recommend to everyone."


Faranak Farshidfar"

"I met Helia in one of her community workshops that she arranges to empower women in their financial and professional lives; it was a great session about the tax return. I found Helia not only very generous and passionate about her career but also passionate to make a difference in people’s lives. From that time I chose her as a friend and a consultant for any questions I have to start my own business. She is very knowledgeable and energetic to research any issues that are out of reach; I have experienced excellent results from her that I hardly received from other business advisors. I recommend her to anyone who loves working with honest, enthusiastic and dedicated friend/consultant.!"